Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to any transaction between the customer and print.wedbox.nl
(Wedbox ApS) to the extent that they are not waived by express agreement between the parties.

1.0 Offers and agreements

An offer is binding for print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) for 14 days from the date of the offer
The agreement is concluded when the customer's acceptance is received by print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS).
When CMYK printing is performed, color deviations of up to +/- 5% may occur.
Deviations in sizes of up to +/- 2mm or 2 % may occur.

2.0. Price

All prices exclude VAT.
All prices are quoted on the basis of the level of wages, material costs and other costs applicable on the
date of submission.
If the customer has requested print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) to prepare sketches, layouts, artwork, text
suggestions, proofing, Cromalin etc., print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) is entitled to bill this work according
to the at any time the current hourly rate of the company

If increases in salaries, material costs, taxes or other costs occur during the time up to the execution of the
order, print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) is entitled to regulate the price according to such documented
If decreases in salaries, material costs, taxes or other costs occur during the time up to the execution of the
order, the customer is entitled to claim the price regulated according to such documented decreases.
Foreign currency rates are based on the exchange against EUR at the time of submitting the order. If
changes of the exchange rate occur prior to payment, print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) reserves the right
to change the price accordingly.
Besides the offered or contracted price, print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) is entitled to claim compensation
Work incurred as a result of the basic material supplied to print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) by the
customer being incomplete, inadequate or defective, or if corrections are made in the material supplied
after the initial handover. If this compensation exceeds 50 EUR, print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) must
inform the customer before the work is initiated.
Overtime or other measures agreed with the customer after the conclusion of the order.
All prices includes delivery to one address in the EU.
For shipment for multiple addresses or for other countries an offer can be made in advance.
If the customer requests print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) to store finished material or property that does
not belong to the printing house, and if print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) agrees to do so, the customer is
to pay remuneration in addition to the agreed price.

3. Delivery

If no such delivery time is agreed, delivery will take place when print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) has
completed the work.
As follows from 9.1, or due to actions or omissions of the customer, print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) has
the right to prolong the delivery time correspondingly or to cancel the agreement. Should events like the
ones mentioned above increase the costs of print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) in relation to living up to its
delivery obligations, print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) is obliged to conclude delivery anyway if the
customer declares to indemnify the printing house by paying a surcharge calculated by print.wedbox.nl
(Wedbox ApS).

The delivery location is the business premises of the Wedbox printing house in Aarhus, Denmark (9 P.O.
Pedersens Vej, DK-8200 Aarhus N). All dispatch beyond the boundaries is performed at the expense and
risk of the customer, cf. 2.4. If requested to do so by the customer, print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) is
required to take out cargo insurance at the customer’s expense, also cf. 2.4.

4. Payment

Unless otherwise agreed, payment must be made 14 days after the invoice date.
Interest shall accrue from the due date by 2 % per month entered.

5. Ownership

All items from print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) remain the property of print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS)
until final payment of all claims has been made.

6. Property rights, copyright, etc.

Sketches, layouts, artwork, text, suggestions, templates, etc. are the property of print.wedbox.nl
(Wedbox ApS) and must not be made available to third parties without the prior consent of
print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS), regardless of with which technique they have been created and in which
way they are stored.
Everything that print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) has provided or facilitated in connection with the
delivery, whether processed or intermediate products such as reproduction media and print media, as well
as tools for e.g. punching, embossing and welding, are the property of print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS)
and cannot be demanded to be extradited. This applies no matter if these extras are invoiced separately,
and regardless of in which way these are made and how they are stored.
What is ordered cf. section 6.2 may only be used for work for the customer, and is only retained if agreed
between the printing house and the customer.

7. Delay

If delays occur, the customer is – with the exception of the provisos appearing from section 3.2 – entitled to
cancel the agreement if he has explained the importance of delivery at an exact moment at the time of
concluding the order with print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS).

8. Deficiencies

print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) has no responsibility for errors that the customer has not addressed in
writing in the proof.
Minor deviations from the approved sample or the specification agreed shall not entitle the customer to a
price reduction or to refuse to receive what is ordered.

9. Responsibilities

In case of delay – and in case of defects in the goods delivered – print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) has no
responsibility if the delay or defect is caused by defects in or damage to production equipment that is
proven to have caused delay or damage to production, in case of labour disputes of any kind, and also in
any circumstance beyond the control of print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS), such as fire, water damage,
natural disasters, war, mobilization or unforeseen military enrolments of corresponding extent, requisition,
seizure, insurrection, civil commotion, currency restrictions, lack of means of transportation, general supply
shortage, restrictions on driving force, export and import bans, and other force majeure situations.

10. Subcontractors

print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) is entitled to fully or partially let the work be performed by

11. Periodicals

If not agreed otherwise, when the customer is a publisher of periodicals, a termination notice applies of 3
months for monthly and quarterly publications and 6 months for weekly and fortnightly publications.

12. The Sale of Goods Act

Danish legislation, including the Danish Sale of Goods Act, applies to this agreement to the extent the legal
conditions are not defined in these terms and conditions or in the order itself. Any dispute concerning the
interpretation, fulfillment, and enforcement of terms can only be brought before the Danish courts in
accordance with Danish rules on jurisdiction.

13. Disputes


If doubt arises as to whether delivery of goods is performed according to the agreement concluded,
print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) has the right to choose whether the dispute shall be settled by arbitration
or by the ordinary courts.
If a case is to be brought before the courts, it is to be brought before the jurisdiction of our head office
without regard to where the customer resides or is staying.
If the matter is to be settled by arbitration, the tribunal must be established under the Danish rule set
“Almindelige Betingelser for Arbejder og Leverancer 1992”, “General Conditions for Works and Supplies
19922”), § 47.
Surveys and estimates are established by the rules “General Conditions for Works and Supplies 1992”, § 45.

14. Email marketing

14.1. Marketing purposes
As a customer of print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS), your email address may be used for marketing
14.2. Third party
Your email address will never be sold to or in any other way exchanged with third parties. Hence, you will
only receive information from print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS).

14.3. Interval and relevance

You will only receive information from the print.wedbox.nl (Wedbox ApS) regarding relevant products. A
maximum of two newsletters will be sent per month.

14.4. Unsubscribe and questions

You may at any time unsubscribe from our email service on http://www.print.wedbox.nl, or simply write
to us.

If you experience problems with your cancellation, or if you have any questions, please feel free to write to
Customer Service on print.support@wedbox.com.


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